Hi, I'm Sibylle

Software Engineer based in Berlin. Co-Author/Translator of React Deep Dive.

Curious and always eager to learn about new and better ways to solve a problem.

Code, Diagrams and lots of sparkling water are my tools of choice.

I'm excited about development solutions that feel intuitive and provide better mental models for our abstractions.

Currently really into React and GraphQL. I'm also learning PHP.

When I'm not debugging an error message or crafting the next component, I'm either sat with a good book & a cup of tea or finding some beautiful spots in the wilderness.



Supercharge your Frontend Components using Vue.js - Vue.js Berlin


Going Headless without losing your head using React & TYPO3 CMS - JAMStack Berlin


Teaching Firewall Configuration in a Game Environment - EuroUSEC
(Download PDF)


How I accidentally stumbled upon my passion - Edinburgh Women in Tech Conference
(Student Newspaper Coverage)


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